A cat can make a wonderful and loving pet. Despite the ongoing confrontation between dog and cat lovers, cats are starting to get close to dogs when it comes to which pet would people prefer. As more and more people move to cities, cats are going to become increasingly popular as they are much easier to look after than dogs. Cats are well-known for their huge personalities, and even though it might feel that some of those purring fluff-balls are suffering from a serious napoleon complex, cats can make wonderful, loving pets – and we list 6 reasons why!

  1. They are easy

This doesn’t mean easy to please, but easy to look after. Cats are well-known for looking after themselves – they don’t need a walk at 6am in the morning when it’s pouring down with rain. You can just roll over in your bed and know that’s exactly what your cat is doing. A cat is a real low-maintenance animal compared to most pets.  They make life as a pet owner as easy as it gets!

  1. They are funny

Watching them show their acrobatic leaps and jump around – onto places you didn’t know could be stood on – will not fail to put a smile on your face.

  1. Leaving them alone is fine

A cat owner doesn’t need to worry too much about finding someone to look after the cat over a holiday. A recipe for a happy cat is fairly simple: food, a clean toilet and a bit of company and play time, and they are also normally fine being left alone for up to 24 hours. Now get that holiday booked!

4. Cats are independent

As kittens, their mom will give them an introduction like no other to how to be a cat, and this is why an indoor cat, for example, doesn’t need house training – they know how to use the litter tray from the early days.

  1. … but they still know how to comfort

Cats usually get very attached to their owner(s), and when they sense that their two-legged friend is feeling down, they will come to you purring and gently pushing you. Cats are very sensitive animals, and despite their independent nature, they know when their human friend is in need of some furry therapy.

6. They have longer lives than most pets

Cat owners are spoiled by the fact that they are likely to be able to keep their feline companion a lot longer than a dog owner – the average life span of a cat is reaching up to seventeen years (source: https://www.pets4homes.co.uk/pet-advice/cat-lifespan-the-life-expectancy-of-cats.html).

Cats are truly amazing animals, and it’s no wonder they are getting more and more popular. However, even though cats are generally thought to be a low-maintenance pet, the key to a happy cat consist of the same ingredients as with any pet: a good, balanced diet, good care, company, regular health checks and veterinary care. Cats can seem a little arrogant at first, and even if all your friends and family think you are sharing your house with Mr. Evil himself, you know that your cat also has a soft side. That special bond is something that makes the relationship between a cat and the owner a very special one.

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